Patidar leader Hardik Patel to hold hunger strike in Gandhinagar

In an effort to prompt the state government of Gujarat to grand the advantage of reservation in jobs and educational institutions to Patidar community members, the prime leader of the community, Hardik Patel, is set to hold hunger strike in Gandhinager.

The state government, which is led by the Saffron Party, has not yet granted permission to the proposed strike. There are reports that a group of Congress lawmakers has visited the senior political executives of the state, demanding permission for the proposed strike.

Earlier, the state government rejected permission to the strike the Patidar leader tried to hold in Ahmadabad. Notably, the state government declined to give any reasonable explanation for their action.

As per the latest developments, it is clear that the Congress Party will support the community leader in his strike against the Saffron regime.

Previously, during the Gujarat Assembly Election, the Patidar community leader openly supported the Congress Party. As a result of that support, the Congress Party delivered an impressive performance in the election –though it failed to comply check the triumph of the BJP.

How will the BJP handle this crisis? It is yet to see.



Vignesh. S. G

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