Philippine Prez still not ready to dilute his stand on anti-drug campaigns, despite criticism

Despite criticism, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who is famous for his ruthless anti-drug and anti-criminal operations, it seems, is still not ready to give up his tough stand against the crimes, which have been jolting the country for last few years.

In a recent public address, he has asserted that he would not tolerate any kind of criminal activities, particularly drug business. He has reminded the family members of those drug sellers and users killed during the exchange of file with the police or military that they should not expect justice, and firmly said, clarifying his stand, that his government would not give justice to such families and such people.

In the anti-drugs operations executed by the police and military at the behest of their president, as many as four thousand people has been killed so far.

The human rights groups have alleged that those indulge in the operation purposefully create false documents, statements, proofs and circumstances to justify their terror activities. As per the right groups’ view, several small time drug users have been killed.

Unfortunately, the popularity of the president has not diminished in the country even after his government’s merciless operations, indicating that a large section of the society owes the president for the peaceful life they lead.

Can governments kill their citizens to reduce crime?


Vignesh. S. G

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