Politics of farm loan waivers and job assurances

In the recent history of India, no party has released any election manifesto that does not have the terms ‘farm loan waivers’ and ‘job assurances’. Politicians are well aware that these terms can attract attention; can bring tens of thousands into their marches and meetings; can prompt many, mostly poor, to come to poll stations.

Has any party ever showed complete justice to their assurances of farm loan waivers and jobs? If it is felt that none has ever done so, it can be assumed that there is politics in these terms.

It is the shortcomings of this system that appear in the form of the huge demand for loan waivers and jobs. None, but politicians are fully responsible to this shortcomings. It is pertinent to note that had they done their part sincerely the demand for loan waivers and jobs would not have emerged.

In that sense, an election manifesto, with the assurance of farm loan waivers and jobs, is the note of failure, not the note of triumph.

In the election manifestos released during the recent assembly elections –regarded as the semi-finals of the 2019 general election, nothing has secured more importance than these two small, but big, terms.

How long can a gallery cheer for the players who play irresponsibly?


Vignesh. S. G

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