Pope condemns child abuse

At the time, the global reputation of Roman Catholics has been deeply marred by the unproved allegations that the Christian religious group authorities have purposefully covered up several child abuse cases happened in the institutions run by the group.

In a letter which addresses the followers of Roman Catholic living across the world, the top religious head of the group, Pope Francis, has condemned the cruel act of child abuse. He has also, in his letter, asked forgiveness for the failure the group showed to address the issue in a timely manner.

The letter has come, days after the publication of a jury report which accused the religious group’s churches of systematic cover-up of the child abuse cases, and days before the Pope’s visit to Ireland for the Church’s World Meeting of Families.

The aforesaid jury report also discovered that at least three hundred priests in the United States’ state of Pennsylvania had direct involvement in the child abuse cases.

From the letter, it is clear that the Pope has been deeply moved by the depressing things exposed by the jury report regarding the priests in the US state of Pennsylvania.

Pope Francis is the first priest who has shown courage to address the sensitive issue of child abuses.

Will his letter encourage the group to figure out the criminals in their community and weed them out for the betterment of the community which stands for the divine concept of peace?


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