Powerful democracies, it seems, not too far from dictatorship

A research article published by a widely-acclaimed International magazine has portrayed how a democratic society transforms itself into a dictatorial society and the stages that democratic society goes through when it undergoes this transition process.

As per the report, those democratic societies move towards the system of dictatorship, according to the current trend, normally undergoes four stages before becoming such societies.

The first stage is the stage of the creation of a populist grievance. The second, and the most crucial, is the stage of blame game – the stage of the creation of a common enemy. The third is the stage of the destruction of ‘protector institutions’ such as free press and independent judicial system –this stage is normally initiated after entering the corridor of power. The fourth, and the last stage, is the stage of total destruction –in this stage, all democratic institutions and dissents are either totally destructed or transformed into the supporters of dictatorship.

Free press and independent judicial system are the back-born of democracy. No act aimed at changing their character should be tolerated.

This year, at least five or six countries including Turkey, Venezuela and Russia have either reasserted or embraced dictatorial system. Notably, all of them have undergone these stages.

How far is the world’s largest democracy from dictatorship?


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright