Press freedom in trouble in Kerala

Do you feel that no other state respects journalists more than the, so called, progressive, leftist, Kerala does? Then, definitely, you are unaware about the controversial circular released by the Kerala government to regulate the way the media persons interact with the chief minister, senior state ministers and the, so called, famous personalities in the public platforms. That unawareness is not because it is not a serious issue. It is only because the, so called, press barons have not bothered to respond and inform you about the regulations imposed on them by the government in the form of the circular.

Don’t you have the right to know it? Definitely, you have. It is not the media barons that are actually affected by the action. It is you (the society) who is going to be affected by the move the most. Any restriction on media is a restriction on people to take informed decisions. In a democracy, people are the real decision makers. If they are not informed properly, how are they supposed to take decisions rightly?

The funniest thing is that the move is justified on the grounds that the media personals obstruct the freedom of movement of the, so called, powerful personalities and some media reports cast negative image on the government.

The reality is that everyone who does not want to answer media questions finds them obstructing, and every government which fears criticism sees it negative.

Unite for Press Freedom.   


Vignesh. S. G

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