Priyanka Gandhi likely to enter active politics soon

There are rumours that Priyanka Gandhi -the granddaughter of Indira Gandhi and the daughter of Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi- is likely to enter active politics in few months. As per a report, she is preparing to release a book announcing her political perspectives and visions. According to the report, the book, which is named as ‘Against Outrage’, is scheduled to be released at least a month before the upcoming general election.

Earlier, in a crucial meeting organised prior to the previous general election, the top leaders of the grand old party advised the party leadership to make the granddaughter of their dearest leader the star campaigner in the election. But, then, the Nehru family and the Congress top leadership controlled by the family declined the proposal. It was one of the reasons that the opportunity to the lead the election -and later the party- fell on the hands of Congress scion Rahul Gandhi.

Now, the developments indicate that the Congress is preparing for the much awaited entry. If the lady has any plan like that, it is the best time to execute it, observes a political observer. It is said that even Rahul Gandhi, who is very close to his sister, is the one who is keen to bring his sister into active politics.

Priyanka Gandhi, though not active in the politics, often campaigns for his family members in their constituencies in the elections. None of the constituencies she has ever campaigned have disappointed the party yet.

The important advantage of bringing this lady to active politics is that the powerful third front leaders do not dislike her as much as they hate her brother.

Is the Congress party ready for the commencement of Priyanka era?


Vignesh. S. G

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