Protest jolts Chile; death toll crosses seven

A protest, which emerged as an expression of opposition against a price hike in Chile, has transformed into a huge anti-government protest.

Though the metro price hike sparked the protest, now what the protesters highlight is the tremendous increase in the cost of living in the Chilean capital city of Santiago.

As many as seven people have died so far due to the protest in the country.

The Chilean police have tried everything possible to suppress the protest. They have used even the violent means.

As per a report, the protesters have crossed all the limits. The report says that they have even looted several stores in the capital city.

Many have been arrested in connection with the protest. In the coming days, the capital city of Chile is likely to witness more action, with the protesters unwilling to settle for the assurances of the government.

The protest has disturbed the day to day life of the country heavily – especially, that of the capital city.

Anyway, the fire hike, which sparked the protest, has been temporarily shelved by those who introduced it.

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