Raising drug use among females a serious issue in Punjab

A latest report published in a leading national daily says that the issue of raising drug use among females is a serious one in the Indian state of Punjab.

It is the first time that such a report has been publicised about this issue. Earlier, there were reports that the dangerous habit of drug use among males were on the rise in certain Northern states, in the metro cities such as Bengaluru and Mumbai, and in the popular tourist states such as Goa.

The issue demands a serious intervention of the central government. What they have done so far to contain the danger is not satisfactory.

The report tells us that there is no adequate de-addiction centres in the regions where it is worst hit. As per the report, woman addicts always choose the de-addiction centres exclusively for men over those come under the general category.

According to the report, it is difficult to tell exactly who, which class and which age group are more vulnerable. The report indirectly clarifies it is not wrong to assume that all people in the state are equally vulnerable to in the issue of raising drug use among the female population of the Indian state of Punjab.


Vignesh. S. G

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