Rape allegations against the Football star came to an end

Neymar rape case dropped over lack of evidence

The rape allegations against the Brazilian football player Neymar Jr has now came to an end. The police investigation team, dealing with this particular case reportedly said that the case has been closed due to lack of evidence.

Neymar (27) has been accused of raping a Brazilian model Najila Trindade, at a hotel in the French capital in May.

Neymar said that he is being extorted, and has denied all the accusations against him. Neymar was not able to comment on the police decision, said a spokesman for Neymar to AFP.

The incident was first noted when a seven minute video has been released by him in his Instagram revealing that he had been accused of rape. He had also published the Whatsapp messages and images that he claimed to be of Najila.

Neymar, in the video said that he is publishing it for public to “prove that nothing really happened”.

Reports said that the prosecutors will be re evaluating the case before a judge makes a final decision.

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