Republic of Ireland to conduct referendum on blasphemy

The Republic of Ireland, which is one of the highly conservatives countries of the European continent, is preparing to conduct a referendum on whether to revisit the country’s laws related to blasphemy.

The referendum is likely to influence the politics of the country extensively. The proposed referendum is expected to take place in October itself. It is less likely that it would happen before the presidential election. Most probably, it would occur in the same day, in which the presidential election is scheduled.

It seems that the conservatives are likely to oppose the political move and are likely to conduct protests across the country.

In recent past, several pro-liberal referendums have been passed in the country. In all those occasions, the conservatives have come up with serious protests and criticisms.

It is clear that the majority of the people in the Irish society are in support of the progressive changes. That is the reason why almost all progressive referendums such as the popular abortion referendum have secured an overwhelming victory when it has been put to vote in this society.

It is sure that if the proposed referendum is brought for the consideration of the Irish people, it would definitely pass with an astounding margin.


Vignesh. S. G

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