Researchers develop game changing TB vaccine

A group of medical researchers has developed a game changing TB vaccine. The information has been publicised during a health conference organised for medical researchers.

The present vaccine, BCG, used to fight the disease, is not that effective. The newly discovered one is said to be more effective, and is expected to provide long term resistance to the disease.

TB or Tuberculosis is a deadly disease. It is highly contagious. All countries – developed, developing and under-developed – are vulnerable to the disease.

Since the year 1993, the US has been steadily reducing the total number of TB cases in the country.

Non-US born citizens account for the majority of the newly reported TB cases in the country.

The new vaccine is likely to help the world eliminate the threat of the disease almost completely.

As per a latest report, the initial trials of the vaccine have proved successful.

The vaccine needs to surmount many other hurdles to reach the market. It is likely to happen soon.

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