Rulers show less tolerance towards student politics

Is it fair in a country, which has hugely benefited from the platform of student politics by gaining many leaders from that platform and by many other means, to call foul when such a platform starts to act as a corrective force irritating a section of society which is not interested to change themselves for the betterment of all?

The emergence of the trend of imposing stiffer punishment for those students who show courage to stand up and speak loudly and fearlessly about the short comings they or those around them face due to the ignorance or inability of rulers gives a clear message that the new age rulers do not wish to see the younger generation more than a set of lambs which obediently follow its master.

Today, in an article published in a leading national daily, renowned journalist G Sampath, has explained how the rulers, particularly the rightist rulers, stifle the voice of students with the help of police force and the power bestowed over them by the people. He has also claimed that the student political activists were given stiffer punishment for even performing innocuous protests such as black flag protest.

As per the recent developments, it is clear that even the leftist rulers are not different from that of the rightist rulers. There is a trend prevailing in the present society: the rulers oppose the concept of student politics and the opposition does the opposite. Another equally important trend is that: when either the ruling party losses its position among the ruling or the opposition moves towards the ruling, a sudden change happens in their attitude.

Why the ruling fears the concept of student politics? It is student who is the real backbone of any political system. If our politics needs rejuvenation, it could only be achieved by our students.


Vignesh. S. G

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