Russia agent Marina Butina deported from the US

Marina Butina, the popular Russian agent who was booked for trying to infiltrate into the National Rifle Association of the US to influence the country’s rifle policy, has been deported to her country by the US government.

The pro-gun activist has been welcomed by a group of journalists and her family members at Sheremetyevo airport in Russia.

Russia earlier called the charges, which were levelled against its citizen, as fabricated lies.

She confessed to the US authorities of committing the crime. And, she expressed regret in her action when she was presented before the court.

The NRA is a very powerful organisation in the US. It has a huge say on the gun policy of the world’s most powerful country, the US.

As the country has witnessed several gun attacks in the recent past, the demand is high in the country to revamp its gun policy.

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