Sabarimala issue: SC to hear review petition on Nov 13

The top court of the country has decided to hear the review petition filed against its controversial verdict that paved way for the entry of women of all ages into the renowned hill temple of South India Sabarimala.

Earlier, the Supreme Court declined to stay the sensational judgement, which triggered a series of tensions in the southern state of Kerala, particularly near the temple. It also rejected the request seeking the consideration of the case before the Dussehra holydays.

Several organisations and individuals have approached the top court with a request to review the verdict, which paved the way for a direct confrontation between the extreme leftists and extreme rightists.

As per a legal expert, no surprises can be expected from the court. During the consideration of the review petition, the SC will only check the constitutionality of the verdict. Meanwhile, some experts claim that the court will make note of the developments that happened after the declaration of the controversial verdict. They also say that the court will make special note of the fact that no devotee woman, for whom the verdict was delivered, has visited the temple to enjoy her right.



Vignesh. S. G

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