Sabarimala issue: ‘Tantri’ directed to close the temple if women aged between 10 and 50 enter its premises

The chief priest of the renowned hill temple of South India Sabarimala has been directed to close the sanctum if women who are aged between ten and fifty enter the premises of the temple.

The directive has been made in the wake of the police attempt, most probably at the behest of the leftist government of the state, to help two women activists, including a journalist-activist, to enter the premises of the temple to exercise the new right granted in the hill temple for women by the recent SC verdict that upholds the right of woman of all ages to enter the place of worship of their choice.

The failure that the police have suffered when they have attempted to help the activists at the hand of the devotees of the hill temple in the temple premises may discourage them to resort to similar attempts to play with the devotees’ emotions in the future.

It seems that the Kerala leftist cabinet is divided over the issue. Some senior ministers have indirectly condemned the police move. Meanwhile, some others have welcomed it.

It is said that the Devaswom Board, the elected board which rules the majority of the temples in the state including the Sabarimala, would take some crucial decisions about the temple today.

Why is there an unprecedented haste from the part of government to implement the SC verdict?



Vignesh. S. G

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