Sabarimla issue: Amit Shah lashes out at Kerala’s LDF government

“You cannot treat Ayyappa devotees like the inmates of Gulag”; BJP National President Amit Shah warns the CPM government that rules the Indian state of Kerala.


The BJP Chief has compared the experience some Ayyappa devotees allegedly experienced during their pilgrimage to the hill temple Sabarimla to the experience the inmates of one of the most criticised forced labour camps of Joseph Stalin led Soviet Union Gulag experienced. From his words, it is clear that it is the media reports that have exposed the bad experiences some devotees allegedly experienced during their pilgrimage to the hill temple that has prompted him to come strong with this kind of powerful statement against the LDF government led by Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. It is to be noted that he has named the Chief Minister in the statement. This is the first time that the CM has faced such a serious allegation from the BJP’s central leadership, even though during his last trip to Kerala the same leader criticised the CM lightly to express his solidarity with the special sentiment of devotees over the Sabarimala issue.

As per the preliminary assumption, it is the government’ move to impose the controversial CrPC section of Section 144, which gives unusual powers to police, in and around the temple in the name of security that has pushed the situation from bad to worse.

Anyway, in his statement, the BJP President has not forgotten to condemn the arrest of K Surendran and other BJP leaders. Mr Shah has reminded the LDF government that the arrests cannot stop them.

From this, the BJP’s strategy is clear. They are not willing to step back and are very eager to move forward with their plans even.

Why is there an unprecedented silence in the LDF front? Don’t they understand where is this issue leading us into?



Vignesh. S. G


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