Saudi condemns US naval base shooting

Saudi Arabia, one of the close allies of the world’s most powerful country, has condemned the shooting incident happened in a naval base in the United States.

The attack was done by a Saudi military official who was in training in the naval base. The attacker was shot dead by the US authority.

The reason for the attack remains unclear at this moment. The US authority has neither dismissed nor accepted the reports that link the attack with the issue of terrorism.

The concerned authority said they could not comment on the basis of rumours and could only speak on the bases of evidences.

What the incident exposes is the need for the implementation of a foolproof filtering system to deal with the admission of foreign military personals for training in the United States.

The incident is less likely to affect the relation between the US and Saudi Arabia. But, it may reduce the intake of Saudi military personals for training in the United States.

Saudi is the prime partner of the US in the Arab region. Training Saudi military personals is actually a part of the US plain in the region. A well trained Saudi military is the need of the US also.

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