SBI warns users about suspicious WhatsApp messages

The State Bank of India warms the bank account users about suspicious WhatsApp messages that might trick the user to share personal banking details. The bank stated that they are conscious of unusual account owners receiving messages on WhatsApp or other social media handles notifying them on OTP (one-time password).

Listing out some of the things to be aware of not being victimised

1. Deals that encourage the user to share OTPs first are trying to win trust over the user.
2. WhatsApp messages that come with any weblink to install usually install a malicious app in the background.
3. This malicious app later use to fetch the OTPs from the mobile phone.
4. Receives class to renew or upgrade existing credit/debit card and try collecting the card details of the victim.
5. Do not let the card details until you are at the original bank, through call they would say through WhatsApp or SMS the victim would receive the confirmation of their card upgrade.
6. The link received through SMS installs malware on the victim’s phone and redirects all OTP SMSes to the fraudster gadget.


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