SC declines to entertain NSS’s petition seeking class-based reservation

Does the Kerala government need to relook its reservation policy? Some of the Kerala castes which were affluent castes once are now very poor castes. Is there any legitimacy in the aforesaid argument?

Dismissing the petition filed by the Nair Service Society seeking the replacement of the sensitive framework of caste-based reservation system in the sector of state government employment with the more inclusive framework of class-based reservation system, the Supreme Court of India has shut all opportunities to trigger a serious discussion around the controversial subject of reservation in the highest legal corridor of the country.

Meanwhile, most probably, identifying the seriousness of the argument that some of the castes which were affluent castes once are now very poor castes, the SC has allowed the petitioner to approach the High Court of the concerned state with the argument that some castes, which are considered affluent, but, in reality, poor, need the support of the government for their sustenance.

Anyway, some suspect that there is a serious political implication in this development. They argue that now the NSS, RSS and BJP in the state are speaking in the same language (and, that too, in a same tone) about the sensitive subject of reservation.

Has a nexus already formed?


Vignesh. S. G

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