Senior US envoy testifies against Trump before impeachment inquiry committee

A senior US diplomat has testified against President Donald Trump before a committee constituted to investigate the allegation that the US Supremo pressured Ukraine to launch an investigation into the illicit business relations of his political rival, Joe Biden, and his son in that country.

Before the committee, the envoy has admitted his awareness about the intention of the US President to pressurise Ukraine to launch an investigation his political rival and his son.

Anyway, the White House has denounced the argument and called it as a plot formed by the Liberals.

The US government has stayed attached firmly to its stand that the President has done nothing illegal in the matter.

The crisis was originally triggered by the US media houses. It was the media houses which initially exposed the ‘difficult-to-justify’ act done by the President.

Few days after it was exposed, on the demand of several lawmakers, an impeachment enquiry was launched against the President.

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