Shame! Shelter turns into ‘Hell’ in Bihar

NGOs are supposed to help people. Those running the NGOs are supposed to understand the value of their jobs they do.

A latest media report has reported that nearly sixteen girls living in a shelter run by a local politician owned NGO were brutally raped in Muzaffarpur in Bihar.

As per the report, the miseries suffered by the inmates of the shelter came to light during the interview session conducted by a renowned social science institute to prepare its social audit report.

There were nearly forty four girls in the shelter; immediately after it was identified that the girls living in the shelter were treated badly, they were shifted to safe shelters by the Bihar authorities.

There are allegations that those girls who resisted the sexual exploitation were killed and buried inside the premises of the shelter.

The opposition leaders have claimed that some top politicians had involvement in the crime. They have also alleged that the ruling government of the state had in the initial stage tried to cover up the incident using its influence among the law enforcers. The RJD has demanded a CBI investigation into the incident.

So far, over 21 girls have been examined by the medical authorities. The rest of the girls will also be presented for the medical examination in the coming days.

The local politician, who runs the NGO, and some of the NGO staffs are under the judicial custody at this moment. An investigation is on.

 Why and how some NGOs get enormous freedom to exploit their inmates?


Vignesh. S. G

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