Shocking! Turkey says the murdered Saudi journalist’s body dissolved in acid by killers

A senior official close to the Turkish government and the investigators who are investigating the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has alleged that the murdered journalist’s body might have been dissolved in acid by those who killed him.

Anyway, the official has not given any concrete evidence to justify his allegation. But, he has claimed that there was no other way the killers could dispose the body from the Saudi Arabia’s Istanbul embassy.

Recently, the Saudi government admitted that Mr Khashoggi was killed inside their Istanbul embassy. They claimed that he was accidently killed due to a chokehold by some rouge Saudi officials –or agents.

Actually, it is not the first statement of Saudi Arabia. When the case initially surfaced, the Saudi Kingdom asserted that no such things had occurred inside the embassy and the journalist who came to the embassy to obtain some documents returned safely after his purpose. Notably, the Saudi Kingdom tried their best to hide the truth that the journalist was brutally killed.

In a sense, it is the timely interference of the Turkish government that have helped to bring out the truth behind the missing case of the journalist.

Why the US is still silent?



Vignesh. S. G

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