Social activist Gowsalya marries Musician Sakthi

Renowned social activist Udumalai Gowsalya, whose husband was brutally murdered by her family members in the name of his caste, has married popular Parai musician Sakthi.

Gowsalya’s former husband was a Dalit man, named Shankar. He was killed by the family members of Gowsalya less than eight months after their marriage.

Since then, Gowsalya has been strongly campaigning against the social evil of honour killing. She campaigns for the establishment of a special act to contain this evil. In the recent past, she has met several honour killing victims to strengthen her movement.

A Tamil Nadu court recent awarded death sentence to the prime accused in the Shankar murder case. Then, Gowsalya welcomed the verdict.

The present marriage, in a sense, is also a fight against the caste establishment in the state. With this marriage, she tries to give a clear message to the establishment, and to those who has tried to frighten her or defeat her with the cruelty.

The marriage ceremony has been conducted at the Thanthai Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam head office in Coimbatore. Several acclaimed social and political workers have attended the event.

Honour killing is a most serious crime prevalent in the rural India. There are several laws to deal with this maniac. But, the bitter experiences many like Gowsalya have gone through prove that more powerful laws are needed.


Vignesh. S. G

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