SP, BSP to fight together against BJP in 2019 Generals

The 2019 General Election is very crucial. It will decide the future of the country, and the political future of many political parties in the country. No other state in the country is as important as Uttar Pradesh in the General Election. The state has nearly eighty Lok Sabha seats. It is the impressive victory that the saffron party wristed in the state in the previous election that helped the party to rule the country.

The new developments indicate that the victory will not be that easy for the BJP this time. There are reports that the SP and BSP, the two powerful parties in the state that fought separately in the previous election and suffered almost equal amount of losses, have agreed to forge an joint front to take on their common rival BJP in the upcoming General Election.

The top leaders of both parties are expected to meet today in a neutral venue to publicise their plan formally.

No information regarding the seat sharing agreement reached by both has been publicised yet. Still, it is assumed that both are likely to contest in at least 37 seats each.

There are rumours that the RLD, one of the first political organisations which have approached the SP with the idea of alliance after the Congress, is unhappy with the declining rivalry between the BSP and SP.

Can the proposed Grand Alliance wipe out the saffrons from UP?


Vignesh. S. G

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