Student politics, it seems, in a disastrous juncture

A day after a degree student, who was an active member of the left-wing student political organisation (Student Federation of India) was brutally stabbed death in the Southern state of Kerala in connection with a political conflict happened inside his college between his organisation and an group, which allegedly has close connection with some radical fundamentalist elements, several political observers have expressed their concerns about the future of the student politics in the state.

A senior Congress leader and former Defence Minister, who was once an active student leader, A K Antony, has expressed his unhappiness in the way some student political organisations function in the state. He has alleged that some political organisations forcefully deny space for the functioning of other political organisation in the campuses where they are powerful.

Actually, it was during the tenure of Antony as the Chief Minister of the state the student politics was banned in our campuses.

While responding about the aforementioned argument, he has claimed that it was the High Court of the state that directed the ban on student politics.

There is no doubt that the right of students to organise should not be denied. But, don’t you think it is the high time to rationally introspect yourself how student politics functions in the state at this juncture?


Vignesh. S. G

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