Syria: Kurdish forces seeks army’s help to prevent Turkey’s takeover

The Kurdish forces, which were the biggest support of the United States in Syria in its war against the Islamic State militia, has sought the support of the Syrian military, in the backdrop of a shocking announcement of the White House that the US forces would withdraw from the war-distorted country soon as its rival no longer exists, and due to the fear that the Turkish forces would take over the territory controlled by the Kurdish soon after the withdrawal of the western troops from the land as Turkey consider the Kurdish controlled territory located close to its border as a threat to its security.

During the war days, the Kurdish forces and Syrian army fought separately against the ISIS militants. They never conducted any coordinated move. That time, the Kurdish was the weapon of the US and the Syrian army was the weapon of Russia.

The new developments indicate that Syrian may strengthen its position in the coming days in the region. If the Kurdish forces, who trained by the US, join hand with the Syrian forces, the war-distorted country will not take too much time to achieve stability.

The West has not yet reacted to this unusual move.


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright