Tamil Nadu: Superstar comes to rescue ‘Sarkar’

Tamil Nadu superstar Rajinikanth has criticised the ruling party of the state, AIADMK, for its protest against the newly-released political thriller of young superstar Vijay, Sarkar.

Recently, a protest was launched against the film, seeking the deletion of some of the scenes, which mocks some of the welfare schemes initiated by the AIADMK under its beloved leader J Jayalalitaa.

Actor Rajini indirectly questions how a movie which has received the clearance of the Censor Board can be asked to delete its scenes.

In the statement released through his twitter handle, he has strongly condemned the stand adopted against the film by the ruling party, which was formed and strengthened by two legends of the Tamil film industry: M G Ramachandran and his protégée Jayalalitaa.

Meanwhile, the concerned persons of the film have agreed to delete the disputed scenes. The edited film is expected to be rereleased today.

Several small and big actors have come to support the superstar’s opinion on the controversy over the Vijay’s political thriller.

What message these developments give in short?



Vignesh. S. G

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