Tarzan’s wife attacked by their son

The wife of Tarzan actor Ron Ely, Valerie Lundeen, has been stabbed to death by their own son. The police, who have reached the venue responding to an alert they have received, have traced the culprit near the compound of the Santa Barbara house. They have gunned the suspect down, as he has showed reluctance to cooperate with them.

Ron Ely is a very popular US actor. He is known for his acting as Tarzan in the 1960s Tarzan television series.

His wife was also popular in the entertainment industry. He was model and the winner of a renowned beauty contest in the United States.

At this moment, it remains unclear why the son of the couple has attacked the wife of the Tarzan actor.

An investigation into the brutal incident is on. The celebrity couple has two daughters too.

The Tarzan actor walked out of his acting career to spend more time with his family during the early 1990s. All the three children of the couple are well-educated.

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