Thai Cave row: eight boys rescued

Giving serious relief to all those who are closely following the developments related to those trapped inside a cave in Thailand, the authorities have claimed that they have rescued nearly eight boys from the cave.

A few days before, a team of twelve boys and their football coach was trapped inside the cave into which rainwater rushed closing the only entrance it has. At the time the team entered the cave there was no rain. It is believed that the team was unaware that if rainwater rushed into the cave its entrance would be totally filled with water.

Anyway, at this moment, only four boys and their coach are remaining in the cave. As per the latest report, they would also be rescued by the Thai authorities soon.

A couple of days before, while taking part in an operation to supply the trapped people with adequate amount of oxygen cylinders, an expert navy officer died.

The incident clearly shows how difficult the task of bringing the boys and their coach safely out of the cave is.

According to a report, the rescue journey includes diving, climbing, walking and even crawling. The report says that each boy is accompanied by at least two rescue operators during his journey.

The identities of those rescued have not yet released it would only be released after all have been safely brought out from the cave by the Thai authorities.


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright