Thailand Cave Row: Rescue officer dies en route to supply oxygen to trapped

A rescue officer who is one of the most efficient naval divers of the Thailand navy, PO Saman Gunan has lost his life, while taking part in a risky operation to supply oxygen to twelve children and their young football coach who were trapped inside a cave where they entered hours before heavy rain blocked the entrance of the cave with rainwater and mud.

As per a media report, the rescue officer has fallen unconscious while he was travelling back to his base after supplying the required number of oxygen cylinders. According to the report, the deceased has failed to carry the required amount of oxygen supply during his return journey. It is learned that his dive partner has tried his best to bring his consciousness, but has failed.

The news about the death has come as a serious shock to the families of those trapped inside the cave. It has generated a serious question: if a trained diver fails to reach safely out of the cave, how can the unprofessional trapped people come out of the cave safely through diving.

The Thailand government, it seems, is very sad about the death of their diver. The King of the country is expected to sponsor the funeral ceremony of the deceased naval officer.


Vignesh. S. G

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