The Royal Taste House: Doors Freestyle Grill

How a true royal restaurant should look like is what Doors Freestyle Grill, the world-class restaurant based in Dubai, shows. Actually, the tag ‘royal’ does not have any relation with the price of dishes. In this context, it indicates the quality of the restaurant. It definitely implies that this restaurant is equal to any other restaurants which care about their raw materials, staff selection, managerial commitments, dishes, dish presentation, restaurant atmosphere, pricing, overall quality and, even, their interaction with their customers.

It is a matter of utmost surprise that this Dubai’s new sensation has taken much lower time that any of its equals to reach up to that height. Thanks to its management and staffs for their dedication and hard work.

Each and every dish here is a new experience. In that sense, this restaurant’s kitchen is the laboratory of world-class chefs. For that reason, what comes out of this kitchen lab cannot be anything less than a finest and tastiest dish.

The restaurant blends urban sensuality with traditional classic several times better than many who have tried it. Most reviews have given it an extra-ordinary rating –almost 4.9 out of 5.

Royal Delicacy is one of most popular dishes in this restaurant. It is fresh sea bass, marinated and cooked in Chef Kemal Ceylan’s special orange-flavoured sauce, before being completely coated in gold. It will not only please your eyes, but also satisfy your stomach.

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