Tik Tok apologises to US teenager banned for her video on Chinese politics

China-based Social media giant Tik Tok has apologised to a United States teenager, who was allegedly banned for her video against the Chinese government’s mistreatment against Uighur Muslims.

The company claimed that the teenager was banned not for her video about Uighur Muslims.

But, the teenager has showed reluctance to believe her argument. She said that she was not satisfied by the explanation given by the company.

The ban has received serious criticism as it contradicts the company’s assurance that the Chinese moderation principles does not apply to its product outside the territory of China.

The company still sticks to its original stand that it was her conducts before the publication of the controversial video that led to the ban.

Anyway, the teenager has denounced the argument with all evidences she has. She said that the said questionable conducts were done in a different account. She questioned how her present account could be banned for her conducts in another deleted account.

China’s attitude towards Uighur Muslims is a controversial matter. China does not entertain any discussion on that matter insider its territory. What the ban indicates is that such a discussion is not entertained by China even through its social media platform.

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