TN CB-CID to investigate a sexual harassment case filed against an IG level offer by a SP level officer


It is high time to fight the issue of sexual harassment in workplace. Our women are being forced to forget their dreams due to this evil. What we have heard from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is not pleasing. As per a latest news report, a senior woman police officer working in the state has complained against her senior of mental harassment and sexual harassment.

Such behaviour in the police department which is supposed to make sure that no such harassment happens in the workplaces under their jurisdiction is totally unacceptable. It seems that the political executive, bureaucrats and people of the state understand the seriousness of the issue. Due to the timely interference of these important stakeholders, the department has been forced to consider the complaint of the lady officer seriously.

What the Tamil Nadu police department has finally come up with is really appreciable. Without showing any empathy to one of its senior officer, the internal committee that the department has constituted to investigate the case has referred the complaint to the state’s most efficient investigative agency CB-CID to register the case and investigate the complaint.

The nation should learn from this South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. No tolerance should be shown to any kinds of workplace sexual harassment cases. The responsible way Tamil Nadu has dealt with such a sensitive issue is worth laudable.


Vignesh. S. G

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