Top court criticises Bihar on rapes at state-funded shelter homes

Putting the state government of the Indian state of Bihar in a defenceless state, the Supreme Court of India has severely criticised the state government over the issue of shelter home rapes.

It is the study report created by a renowned institute that exposed the severe sexual abuses faced by some students living in the state funded shelter homes in Bihar.

The top court has expressed their shock when it has been informed that these shelter homes were funded by the Bihar state government itself.

The government authorities are supposed to regularly inspect the institutions which are run with the support of their financial support, as it has obligation to make sure that the tax payers’ money never goes to undeserving pockets.

In this case, it is clear that the money paid by the citizens has gone to some wrong pockets due to the negligence of the administrators or government.

There are reports that the head of the NGO, which owns the tainted shelter homes where the sexual abuse has been reported, has close connection with the political executives which run Bihar.

Meanwhile, the court has banned the media houses from publishing the picture of the victims, including blurred pictures, and the interviews taken with the minors, citing such acts would negatively affect the victims, who deserve care and protection of the society.


Vignesh. S. G

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