Trump imposes economic sanction over Turkey

United States President Donald Trump has imposed serious economic sanction over the Eurasian country of Turkey, which recently launched a military offensive against the Kurds in Syria in the pretext of creating a Safe Zone for the people who fled the Syrian war.

The United States, who was the alley of the Syrian Kurds in its fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – which tried to create a caliphate combining several regions in Syria and Iraq, has advised Turkey to stop its invasion and reach a peace agreement with the Syrian Kurds as soon as possible.

Earlier, the US warned that it would impose severe economic sanction over Turkey if it did not stop its aggression against Syria. Similarly, the powerful European countries also came strongly against Turkey lately.

In the coming days, the European Union is also expected to come up with similar action against Turkey.

Anyway, Turkey has not yet responded about the US sanction publically. At this moment, it remains unclear whether Istanbul will impose counter sanction against the US.

Recently, the Syrian Kurds joined hands with the Syrian government to stop the aggression of the Turkish forces through the northern border of the country, which is the stronghold of the Kurdish community.

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