Trump under criticism for intimidation

US President Donald Trump has faced serious criticism for his twitter message against Marie Yovanovitch, the former US ambassador to Ukraine.

The message has come at the time she has appeared before the inquiry committee constituted to verify whether the allegations raised against the President in connection with his controversial phone call to Ukraine are strong enough to initiate an impeachment motion against the president.

Many, considering the time chosen by the president to give his statement against the ex-ambassador, have likened the statement to the act of indirect intimidation.

In the statement, Donald Trump has indirectly portrayed the ex-ambassador as an incapable officer.

She has retorted the statement by saying that she had not enough power with her during her service days to act in the manner she wishes.

The testimony she has given to the inquiry committee has been televised live. The courage she has shown to testify in the issue has been lauded by many.

Many, even several Republicans, have criticised the way in which the President of the country, who reached the seat of power with the support of a Republican ticket, has reacted to the statement.

In the recent past, several top officials have come forward boldly to testify against the person in the seat of power in the Ukraine issue.

The main allegation against the President is that he imposed pressure on Ukraine, the country which hugely relies on the US – mostly to meet its military needs, to launch an investigation into the business dealings of his political rival, Joe Biden, who is expected to become the candidate of the Democrat camp in the upcoming Presidential Election – in which the current President is a contestant.

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