Trump’s golf resort to host upcoming G7 summit

One of the golf resorts of US President Donald Trump, situated in Florida, has been offered the golden opportunity to host the upcoming G7 summit, which is scheduled to take place in next June.

It is the White House that has announced the big decision. Within minutes after the release, this decision has also fallen into the trap of controversy.

The haters of the decision are of the opinion that the decision will benefit the US President’s resort brand.

They have demanded the reconsideration of the decision taken by the US government.

The government is less likely to review the decision. It has shut the mouth of those criticised the decision by saying that the resorts of the US President already had a good brand value and it did not need the support of the boost from the government.

Earlier, Mr Trump rejected the allegation of his continuing connection with his tourism business. He then said that his sons were handling the business.

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