UK couple, crossed US border from Canada, detained in Pennsylvania

A UK couple, who crossed the US border from Canada, has been detained in a family immigration detention centre in Pennsylvania.

The couple was on a road trip in Canada. They said they accidently crossed the border when they selected an alternative route to escape from an animal.

The couple has shared their bad experience in the Social Media platform. As per their posts, they have been treated badly by the US immigration department.

The couple is expected to be deported to their country soon from the custody of the US authorities.

People new to Canada often make this mistake, as the border the country shares with the US is almost completely unrecognisable.

The experience of the couple tells there is a dark side to that unrecognisable border.

It is not difficult to go to the US from Canada. If one reaches Canada from the US, he will have to go through an extensive legal process before he is free to go.

What makes the couple’s experience more difficult is that the couple has their one-year-old baby along with them. So, the baby also has to undergo this harsh experience.

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