UK: May asked to prove her strength in her party

A non confidence motion has been moved against British Prime Minister Theresa May in the Conservative Party.

If he loses the motion, he can no longer remain as the leader of the Conservative Party. The ouster from the leadership of the party means the ouster from the Prime Ministerial post she now holds.

The Conservative Party is the largest party in the British Parliament. The leader of the party is normally elected as the PM of the country.

The supporters of the PM argue that the ouster of May would bring the UK’s efforts to leave the European single market to a dead end or to a sudden halt.

If Ms May manages to pass this time, she cannot be removed from the post till next year. Most of her ministers have started social media campaigns to ensure the victory of their leader. The ministers have used twitter to share their massage.

A critic of PM quips that it is still unclear how many of those who are campaigning for Ms May now will actually vote for her in the non-confidence voting.

Non-confidence voting normally conducts through secret ballot. So, it is difficult to understand who votes for whom.

Anyway, Ms May is very confident that she would be allowed to complete her task she was bestowed by the party –the Brexit.


Vignesh. S. G

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