Unchecked climate change likely to bring huge damages to US: Report

A report published by the United States government has revealed that unchecked climate change might bring huge damages to the country, as against the popular evaluation of the US administration, led by President Donald Trump, that the country must not make any policies at this juncture to confront the issue of climate change.

The report has warned that climate change would degrade the quality of life of those live in the land of the United States. As per the report, the biggest problem the country is going to face as a result of the unchecked change in climate is health issues.

The report has also found that the unchecked change in climate would also affect the growth of US economy.

Earlier, the US states walked out from the Paris Climate Treaty, the global forum formed with the support of the western world to address the issue of climate change. That withdrawal was on the basis of the argument that the treaty was not fair to the US.

As per the treaty, the industrialised nations are supposed to bear more burdens for the cause. That clause is the one that irritated the US’ new administration of the Republicans and prompted them to walk out from the treaty.

Anyway, the report has put the US administration in a very difficult situation. Now, it has to convince its population that what it did was right.

Will the technically-advanced US show enough responsibility to form a new forum to address the issues of climate change scientifically?



Vignesh. S. G

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