Unfolding the mystery behind neo-liberal illuminati

What is illuminate? There is no concrete proof whether there is a secret society called illuminati exists in the world. It is said that the world is actually ruled by a group of wealthy neo-liberals, also known as the neo-liberal illuminati.

It is the works of renowned journalist John Pilger that have given deep insight about the subject. There are enough hints in his works that the preponderance of the disturbances the world has ever experienced is the contribution of this secret society.

The journalist, in his works, has accused the United States and the other western powerhouses of the disturbances the Middle East, Africa and the East Asia are suffering right now. As per his opinion, it is for the prosperity of the west the miseries have been purposefully showered over the aforesaid regions.

From the works of the journalist, it remains crystal clear that the neo-liberal illuminate finds its stability in the instability of others.

Now, it is not insensible to assume that Israel is the most brilliant strategy the neo-liberal illuminate has ever executed. With it, it has succeeded in destabilising most of the Middle East.

Is it foolish to assume that terrorism is the latest strategy of this secret society?

To be continued……


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright