Union minister questions Kerala ruling’s silence over the issue of arbitrarily transferred nuns

In order to expose the double standard employed to deal with a section of electorate close to the party that rules the state of Kerala and another section not that friendly with the party, the Union Minister for Textiles, Smriti Irani, has questioned the silence of the state government over the issue of the nuns who were arbitrarily transferred for no justifiable reason.

The transfer is the outcome of the developments that happened in the community in which the transferred nuns work.

It is the arrest of a senior priest for the charge of sexual harassment that triggered the crisis in the community.

Evidently, the said community is still under the clutches of patriarchy. Many perceive the developments as the war to liberate the community from that clutches.

It seems that the ruling party of the state is least interested to interfere in the issue. There are allegations that the silence of the ruling party is due to its fear of losing the support of the elites of the community in which it relies for the electoral gains in many crucial constituencies in the state.

It is in this circumstance the question from the saffron camp invites the attention of common people. Will the ruling party give answer to this question?


Vignesh. S. G

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