US advises Sri Lanka’s new Prez Gotabaya to uphold its Human Rights commitments

The United States has advised Sri Lanka’s newly elected President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to uphold his country’s commitments to Human Rights and non-recurrence of violence.

The world’s most powerful country has assured its support to the newly elected Supremo of the Island country of Sri Lanka.

The entry of Mr. Rajapaksa to the corridor of power of the country marks the re-entry of the infamous Rajapaksa family to the corridor of power.

Since Mahinda Rajapaksa was ousted from the seat of power in 2015, the Rajapaksa family has been fighting politically to win back its lost fortune tirelessly.

Earlier, the former President from the Rajapaksa family made a failed attempt to get back to the seat of power.

Until recently, the chances for the Rajapaksa family to come back to the forefront of the Sri Lankan politics were feeble.

What changed the entire political scenario is the recent terrorist attack on a religious centre by an extremist organisation.

The exposed vulnerability has forced the majority community of the country to assemble behind the former Defence Secretary in large numbers.

Notably, Mr. Rajapaksa was the Defence Secretary of the country, when the Sri Lankan-LTTE civil war was at its peak.

He played a crucial role in securing the victory of the country over the rebels. But, the methods used by him in achieving that inverted huge criticism not only from outside but also from inside the country.

Nonetheless, he is respected by many in the country for his contribution as the Defence Secretary who led the country towards the achievement of the permanent elimination of rebels.

A serious human right violation case is pending against him in a United States court. The US, it seems, is very upset with the return of the Rajapaksa family to the seat of power of the Island country.

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