US assures Japan and SK “no free engagement with NK until complete denuclearisation”

Few days after the occurrence of historic summit between the United States and North Korea, the US representative has approached Japan and South Korea –the prime allies of the world’s most powerful country in the North-East Asian region- with the assurance that Washington would not lift the sanctions imposed over the Pyongyang until the latter pays complete justice to the former’s demand of western verifiable denuclearisation.

Earlier, there were reports that South Korea and Japan was unhappy with the US’ move to discontinue the military exercise regularly happens in the region every year highlighting the western sides military might –Seoul considers the military exercise as an undeniable necessity for their peaceful survival.

In the past, whenever the issue was projected as the hindrance for creating a peaceful life in the Korean Peninsula, the South Koreans discouraged all discussions directing the attention towards that extent.

Compared to South Korea, Japan is less worried about the US’ new move. This Asian powerhouse has already started its efforts to strengthen its military might. Now, in fact, it has been awarded an additional reason to justify their aggressive military upgradation policy.

How the issue impact the power balance of the Asian region, especially North-East Asian region?


Vignesh. S. G

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