US hints of big trade deal with UK

Hinting about the possibility of the formation of a major trade deal with the United Kingdom – far better than the one London now has with the EU, the United States has rushed to expend its happiness about the Conservative’s latest political victory.

While congratulating UK Prime Minister Boris Jonson, US President Donald Trump has hinted about the possibility of the formation of a big trade deal between the UK and the US.

At present, the US has a good relation with the UK. But, still, it is hindered by the red tapes of the EU. The exit of the UK from the EU means there is no red tape between London and Washington anymore.

It remains unclear what will be the nature of the deal. What is needed to be known is whether the predicted deal can make up the shortcomings which are likely to occur due to the rough withdrawal of the UK from the EU with whom London has a hard-to-separate relation.

It seems that protectionism is the new normal. And, the coming is the days of the world led by the protectionist US and the protectionist UK.

Mr. Trump’s hint, though short, has many hard-to-interpret messages.

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