US Homeland Security Chief resigns

The chief of United States Homeland Security, Kevin McAleenan, has resigned from his post. He is the fourth chief who has resigned from the post since the induction of Donald Trump into the post of the President of the country. Like most of his predecessors, he has given a clear explanation on why he has taken the tough decision to quit the post.

It was during his tenure as the head of United States Homeland Security that the US launched several sensitive polices regarding the blockage of infiltration through the border the US shares with Mexico.

The White House has cited the reason of his resignation as his personal interest to spend more time with his family.

There are rumours that his difference of opinion with several White House tycoons over the matter of immigration that has led to his resignation.

Anyway, the resigned official has not commented officially about his resignation yet. It is expected that he will clear the dark clouds around his resignation himself soon.

The US is set to see a presidential election in 2020. The continuing resignation of White House leaders may reduce the prospects of Donald Trump winning yet another chance to rule the country.

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