US makes tangible improvement in investigation into Epstein’s death

The United States has made a tangible improvable in the investigation into the mysterious death of infamous financer Jeffrey Epstein, who was languishing in a US prison facing a trial for sexual abuse.

He was found dead inside his prison cell. His death came at the time the legal procedure against him was progressing consistently.

The carelessness of the prison guards have been found as the reason for the suicide of Mr. Epstein.

The infamous financer had been under suicide watch until a week before the day he was found dead inside his prison cell.

The financer was a close friend of many renowned personalities. For that reason, the suicide was treated as a mysterious death.

Prince Andrew was a close friend of the financer. The same allegation raised against the financer was raised against the prince also.

It is yet to be ascertained whether the financer’s suicide has any connection with his high profile connections.

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