US military denounces Venezuelan aircraft

US military criticized Venezuela aircraft for unsafe approach

The military of United States has denounces a Venezuelan fighter aircraft, claiming that the aircraft has made an ‘unsafe approach’ to US aircraft. US said that the Venezuelan aircraft has endangered the crew of US navy plane in international airspace.

The US Southern Command said that the Venezuelan plane made an “unsafe approach” and “aggressively shadowed” the US reconnaissance aircraft over the Caribbean Sea.

The US Southern Command said that, on Friday, a “Russian-made” SU-30 Flanker Venezuelan fighter aircraft and a US Navy EP-3 Aries II aircraft has been conducting a “detection and monitoring” mission. In his twitter, he said that the incident happened in international airspace over the Caribbean Sea.

Venezuela said that the US aircraft had entered the Venezuelan airspace without their permission. The relations between these two countries have been worse for years.

The reports of US military said that Venezuelan strategic high command “proceeded to intercept the aircraft through two airplanes of the Bolivarian Air Force with the intention of applying the international protocols established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). As the US aircraft did not comply with such protocols, it was forced to vacate (the Venezuelan airspace)”.

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