US plantations not to be in wedding planning websites

Most major wedding planning websites have decided to omit US plantations, which have a depressing story of slavery to tell, from their websites as wedding venues.

At present, US plantations are the most sought-after wedding venues. In the recent past, a conscious attempt has been made to glorify the plantations and project them as the perfect venues to conduct wedding celebrations.

Several civil groups have openly protested recently against the attempt towards the aforesaid direction.

It is a plea filed by a civil group against the glorification of US plantations as perfect wedding destinations that has led to the present development.

The main objection of the civil group is that the glorification of US plantations stands contrary to the interest of the black community, especially the women in that community.

The civil groups have welcomed the timely response of some of the wedding planner websites. Certain wedding planners have taken down their US plantation contents almost completely, while the others have done the removal at least partially.

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